Monday, September 19, 2011

Rainbow City at the Highline in Chelsea

This was sometime earlier in the summer... like July I think. It was a very hot day, I know that. It was the last day of the exhibit and no one was there, so that was pretty awesome. The kids had a blast jumping in the bounce house thingy-s. We went with some friends who ended up having to take a cab home after one of the twins touched a pretzel cart and burnt her finger. :(  So sad.  

After we had our fill of Rainbow City, we headed up to Highline Park, which is a raised park built on an old railroad line. It's pretty cool, but not the funnest thing for kids. Apparently they have some pretty fun activities for kids on Saturday mornings, but we never made it to those. They still managed to have a pretty good time. However, the Highline is not a great place to visit on a scorching hot day with not a cloud in the sky. Blah. We didn't last too long up there. 

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