Monday, September 19, 2011

A visit with the Carsons!

While Nate was at a conference in Mexico, the kids and I headed to Connecticut to visit with our friends the Carsons that used to live below us.  We had a great few days filled with playing in the backyard, riding bikes, slip and sliding, swimming, playing at the park, making s'mores over a backyard fire pit after the kids went to bed, and just hanging around the house. A real, absolutely adorable house, with a garage and backyard and everything.  I'm not jealous at all.  Eric was so nice to drive into the city to pick us up, and take us home.  It was kind of funny actually, the whole fam came back to the city with us, and I kept Peter in our apt while Debbie and Eric took Owen with them to get something to eat.  The boys did so great in CT... no fighting at all, but they were in our apt for all of an hour and a half before things started to go south.  It's amazing how much of an affect a small space will have on kids. 



Their house from the backyard.  Loved their house!

They found a toad in the backyard

Putting the toad in the water and watching it... swim? Drown?  One of those.


Thank you Carsons for a wonderful weekend!!

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