Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Bart turned ONE!

Bart turned one back on April 27th.  We didn't do a big party or anything, but I made some cakes so that we could sing to him and he could have his first bite of cake.  We didn't even get him any gifts or anything.  Poor third children.  I promise, when he gets old enough to remember his birthdays, I'll be better.  Well, really it can only go up from here.  Just scroll down to get a look at his "cake".  It completely fell apart when I flipped one of the layers over to put it on top of the other layer.  I then proceeded to frost it, hoping that the frosting would help it hold together.  It was pretty tragic looking.  I am ashamed to even put it up here.  But honestly, so much of baking and cake decorating is trial and error.  This one turned out to be a big error.  It was good though. :)

Bart on the other hand, looks absolutely adorable, as usual.  He is now almost 17 months and is such a delight to have in our home.  Both Nate and I are completely in love with him.  It's pretty impossible not to love such an adorable kid.  He is so energetic and charismatic and HAPPY.  He loves his big brothers so much and wants so much to be just like them.  He is a crazy climber.  He is starting to take an interest in books, but still won't really let me read him an entire book.  But he likes to look through them on his own.  He also has a bit of an attitude... he definitely knows how to let us know that he is not happy.  It's in the phase where it's still pretty comical, but I have a feeling, it's not going to be long before it starts trying my nerves.  He has been experimenting with hitting which is just wonderful.  I told you, he can be a little stinker.  He has started jabbering non-stop and it is pretty stinkin' cute.  He loves to dance and clap to music, and has the cutest walk/run.  He kind of sticks out his stomach and lifts his feet and legs straight up in front of him.  Hard to describe but so funny.  I will have to get a video.  Despite him being a little bit of a stinker, he is such a sweet, cuddly little boy.  He loves to come up and hug people's legs and rest his head on our legs or shoulders if we're holding him.  He absolutely loves my friend Emilee.  We were at the park yesterday and she sat on the ground and he basically came running and jumped in her arms.  He is a total charmer and steals many heart while we are out and about.
Here are some pics from his FIRST birthday...
Chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast

the cake

at least Barty's little cake turned out fine

He wasn't quite sure of his cake, but I think he warmed up to it after a while.

Want some??

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