Thursday, October 08, 2009

Asher is a pre-schooler!

Asher on his way to his first day of preschool, in front of our building

Some friends in my ward and I put together a preschool co-op for all of our 2006 kids. For now we are just doing it one day a week for 2 and a half hours. Asher loves it so much. I can't even tell him about it until the night before, because he will get so excited and want to go right then.

Last Friday we went on our first field trip to a dress rehearsal of the Lollipop's production of Peter & the Wolf. It was so cute. They talked to the kids about all the different instruments that represented each character. It was so fun and both Asher and Sayer loved it and sat still and engaged the entire time. It was about a 45 minute program, so I was really impressed. Especially with Sayer. But that boy loves music, so I really shouldn't have been. Now Asher's favorite game is to have me pretend to be the wolf and he and Sayer are the baby chickies that get eaten by the wolf. I'm not sure what to think of that, but I make sure that my wolf is always a very nice wolf.

Anyway, we are excited for all the fun things that we get to do this year with Asher's preschool.


Leesa said...

how fun! he is going to love doing preschool.
i LOVE the jelly face pics of sayer below.. is he not the CUTEST thing EVER!!!???!!!

Bethanne said...

He is so cute...can you believe you have a boy old enough to go into preschool? :)