Monday, October 05, 2009

August Adventures: Sunnyvale

After a few days in Sac, we headed down to Sunnyvale to stay at Ben and Whit's for a few days. There it was more of the same... eating out, ordering in, swimming in the complex pool and hot tub, watching movies. Which for us is great. I felt kind of bad for our hosts, because they wanted to take us to do fun stuff, but we were very content to just stay home a lot of the time and visit and let the boys play. I can't remember all that we did. I usually rely on my pictures to help me remember, but unfortunately I didn't take many in Sunnyvale. Oh yeah, now I remember... much to Ben's disappointment, Nate, Whit and I just wanted to watch Alias after the kids were in bed each night. It's not Ben's favorite show, but he was a good sport.

The boys had fun playing with all of Joelie and Kadin's toys. This is kind of when I started to notice the boys not sleeping as well, as well as acting out a little more often. I think all the traveling and bed changing was starting to get to them. But I loved being able to visit with my sis and play with precious baby Oliver.
I thought this was such a cute pic of the boys. Kadin, Asher and Joelie on one chair, watching Word World.

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whitney said...

i didn't mind not doing anything, we just wanted to make sure YOU guys weren't bored. :)

it was so fun to have you here! miss you!