Monday, October 05, 2009

August Adventures: Sacramento

I'm trying to remember back to things we did in Sacramento, but I don't think we did a ton. Mostly just hanging out, letting the boys play with grandpa's trains and jump on the trampoline. Asher LOVED the trampoline and would stay out there all day if he could. We did head over to Del Norte to swim which was great fun for everyone. We also went to Grammy B's to visit and see all the fam on my dad's side. I also went running and totally hurt my knee again. It's my own fault, but it still really makes me mad.

My sister Ashley colored my hair (back to dark... blonde is fun but way too expensive) and did a great job. When I came back to NY it was like a whole new me. No one had ever seen me as anything but a blonde, so I was surprised by how many people noticed.

The boys watching Word World after a nice jump on the tramp, with the trains never far off
Sayer's happy place

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