Monday, October 05, 2009

August Adventures: Sacramento, Grandma's Birthday

From Pasco, we hit the road to Sacramento to visit my family. We left early Saturday morning and took the whole day to drive. It was actually really nice not being in any kind of hurry, because we were able to stop a couple of times along the way to let the kids play. We stopped right when we crossed the border into CA at an elementary school so the kids could play on the playground. There was a high school right next door, so we let the kids run around on the football field and bleachers. We may have also witnessed a drug exchange happening in the dugout, but one can never tell I suppose. The kids did really well on all of our drives. We had little cars and books to break out every once in a while when they would get ansty, along with lots of food and music.

The first day in Sacramento we had a birthday party at my mom's house for my Grandma. I made this chocolate cake
from Conversations With a Cupcake, that she made for NieNie. I had to improvise a little because of lack of ingredients, and then it didn't set all the way up, but it was pretty darn good.
I finally got to snuggle with this chunk
for the first time since he was born in JANUARY.... a mere 7 hours after I left his house to go back to NY. It was sad. He is the sweetest "little" guy you ever did see.
It was so fun to visit with cousins

My cute grandma and mom

Aunts and Uncles, and of course all of my beautiful and fun sisters.
Ash and boyfriend Kody
Whit and the Ollie-man

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