Monday, October 05, 2009

August Adventures: Carmel

From Sunnyvale we went to Carmel where my parents rented a house for everyone to stay in. It was kind of an odd house. The only cool thing about it was the igallop, which is an awesome contraption that helps you strengthen your horse riding muscles. It's a little odd to watch, but for some reason, you just can't get enough of it. Whit posted a really cute video of Oliver tryin' out the igallop.

The house was on a golf course, so it was nice to be able to take the kids out there to run around when there were no golfers. Asher loved watching the ducks in the little pond and watching people golf. This one couple we watched were terrible. They kept repeating the same 3 holes because no one else was coming, and it didn't look like they were getting any better.

We went to White Sands beach one day. It was such a beautiful day, especially for Carmel which is often cloudy and cold. All the little boys had such a blast playing with grandpa Bill and Ben, building sand castles and ditches and playing in the water. Us girls mostly just parked it on the towels and talked and ate chips.
Ollie all bundled up

Jillian sportin' her hot swimsuit cover

Diggin' in the dirt

Diggin' with Grandpa Bill

Nate and I took Sayer for a little walk through town to get him to fall asleep. He never actually fell asleep, but we got some nice hot chocolate and quality alone time out of it.

The next day us girls hit the town to do a little shopping while the men took all the little boys to the Dennis the Menace park, or something like that. Poor Nate stayed home with the napping Sayer to study. Although I don't think he ended up getting much done. We stopped at an adorable little boutique for awhile and tried on all sorts of fun stuff that was way out of my price range. After that we headed to Anthropology where we all proceeded to try on just about every item that we thought was cute, out of the entire store. Unfortunately, even their clearance stuff was a little too pricey for me. But my sisters and even my mom came away with some pretty awesome loot. I did find some coats that I am coveting and waiting to go on super sale. I think we were there for at least a couple hours.
My dad took out one of the seats in the back of the van, so we had to improvise with a camping chair. Whit was a good sport about it.

From left, clockwise: Hailey, Whit, Lexy, Jill

Hailey, Me and Lexy waiting at Anthropology

Me lookin' smokin' hot in some big red sunglasses

Whit, Jill, Me and Mom getting some scrumptious dark hot chocolate

Lex and Hailey

At night we ate good food, watched Alias, movies, and played some hard core mormon bridge and some other card game that I can't remember the name of.

On our last day in Carmel, we took some pictures on the golf course, went to church, went to Roundtable pizza where I met up with a high school friend, Kristen, and then made the drive back to Sacramento.

This was the best we could do...

Sayer had had enough. They are all such handsome boys!

Mom and 5 of her 6 lovely daughters (Ash had to work :( )

Back of the house

Mom and dad at the front of the house

Ben being awesome at Roundtable

Waiting for our food...

On the road again... eating of course.

Back in Sacramento, we had one last night of awesome game playing, talking, laughing and eating, before we hit the road to UT the next morning.

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Mel and Nate said...

Your boys look adorable! I cannot believe how much they have grown. I am so sad I missed you when you were in Utah! We moved so much I did not have internet half the summer and did not see your comment until after you left:(