Monday, October 05, 2009

August Adventures: Spokane and Pasco

Back to our August adventures...
We celebrated Asher's birthday in Spokane, and then were there for another few days. We didn't do too much, just hung out, went over to Andy and Kacey's to let the kids play, went over to Kierstin's to play in her backyard. We basically just did a lot of visiting and relaxing. Nate and I saw 500 days of Summer, which was great, and went out to for late night snacks with Andy and Kacey. For Kacey's birthday we went to Lake C'ourdelane, swam and had foil dinners and smores. It was so gorgeous. Nate played in his parent's ward on Sunday, and then right afterward we left to drive to Pasco, WA, where Nate's sister Lizza and her family live.

The Cazier's house is always good fun. Especially because they have 4 boys, a nice big house with playroom and plenty of sleeping space, a nice big backyard, and to top it off, Lizza is an awesome cook and is always cookin' up something in the kitchen. I think that I gained a good 5 lbs just while at their house.

While there, we went to parks, the driving range, out to eat, to the mall, hit up JoAnne's and Michael's, took the kids to the Children's Museum, swam at the hotel where Nana and Papa stayed, went to the movies (Lizza and I saw Julie & Julia), watched a lot of reality tv, and just hung out and talked and laughed. The boys all spent a lot of time in the backyard, riding bikes, playing in the sandbox, playing in the water. Asher was in heaven and had so much fun with his cousins. Oh how I wish for a backyard. Someday.

Here are some pictures of our fun time in Pasco...
Lizza leading an FHE on choices. Kids loved it.

Water time

This was my favorite. I loved looking outside and seeing all 6 boys huddled together in the sandbox.

Children's Museum

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