Thursday, October 08, 2009

So lucky!

So I know that everyone thinks that they have the best kids in the whole world, but as it turns out, I really DO have the best kids in the whole WIDE world. I'm sorry, but I just do. Asher for example, is just awesome. He talks non-stop and just says the funniest things. I am amazed everyday at the things that he is learning and understanding. Right now, the boys are sitting on the balcony with Nate, screaming "MOMMY" and "HEY PEOPLE" at the top of their lungs. They are so loud, that the classroom across the way from us had to close their windows, and the people from the street are stopping to look up at them.

Today Asher had preschool and when I asked him what he did at preschool, he told me that he was a princess while spinning around and around and saying that he was pink. Awesome. I tried to tell him that he was Prince Charming, and then I taught him and Sayer to waltz, bow to their lady, and kiss her hand. Little gentlemen in training. Too bad he still insisted that he was a princess.
We had circle time tonight as a family to wrap up our day (first time for us, but I think I might make it a regular evening wrap-up), and the boys were so great. We read scriptures, and Asher had to make sure that he was on the right page and on the same verse as me. Then we said prayers, and they were both SO reverent and quiet for the ENTIRE prayer. This rarely happens in our home, so when it does, it makes me very happy.
I love watching my kids learn and grow. Sayer has been getting really into books lately and is trying to say all the words that we come across. He wants to be just like Asher and tries so hard to do everything he does. As a result, he is a very agile little guy. He is climbing stuff that Asher wasn't climbing until he was 2 1/2. The other day, he practiced going up and down those chain ladders, the ones that move a lot, for about 15 minutes. He still misses a rung here and there, but for the most part, he does so well.

I love my little boys so much and truly feel so blessed that I get to be their mother. Of course they drive my insane some times... ok, a LOT of the time, but I wouldn't trade it for the world. Plus they're adorable.

Oh, and in case you couldn't tell from the pictures, they love chocolate donuts. Just like their mommy! ;)

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